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911 Raw - The Research Edition

David Walker
911 Raw ... this is the video documentary that has been waited for & it is well worth the wait. No one tells you what to think. Nor does someone's latest theory present itself. Truths are in Rick's video & audio. Repeating (& stressing): truths ARE in the video & audio.

We people who are not "sheeple" are owing Rick Seigel our deep thanks for his courage as well as for his steadfast & determined commitment in sharing with our world his alternate recordings of the explosions that felled both world trade center towers & more from a different angle that most of us have viewed.

This DVD is a great investment towards learning the truth of that dark day. Use your eyes & ears ... you will see & hear. And THEN share what you've learned with others. If we do not the WE become complicit in these murders & terror crimes that have yet to be truly & independently investigated. George W. Bush promised us that he'd bring the gulity terrorists to justice. Make him live up to his word. He works for us, not vice-versa.

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