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Cloud Storage

Video Seconds Cloud Storage

What is Cloud Computing?

So many people ask that what is cloud computing. Cloud computing uses remote servers and services, like Video Seconds Cloud Storage, to store and hold media for retrieval with a remote device.

What Can I do with Cloud Storage?

Video Seconds Cloud Storage is used by you to hold your video, audio, or other media for access on the road. You can access your content from where you are no matter what connected device you use.

Cloud storage allows you the convenience of storing your video and audio on our servers and access them with your mobil phone, laptop, notebook, or pad from anywhere. You dont have to have storage capability on your systems.

What kind of media does your cloud server allow?

We allow anything that we have on the cloud service. Whatever you buy you have a year of free cloud service to allow you to access your content for free. You can watch your videos free anytime from anywhere with VideoSeconds cloud servers.

Can I get my videos and songs on Video Seconds Cloud?

You can absolutely get your videos, mp3, or any major format media on VideoSeconds. Contact us, using our contact form, and we will explain how to get your video, audio or other media onto our cloud. We can help you market and profit from your cloud storage too!

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