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All works on this site are copyright from the providers of that content and the “sharing” of content purchased here is forbidden unless expressly stated.

That means even if you got a download from here without cost it is still the property of the copyright holder and you have not been given the right to any commercial use, broadcast, re-distribute, or re-license of the product.

Each band or manufacturer makes an agreement with and that the work is entirely theirs and they own the right to sell or allow you to have their works through the Video Seconds store. We do everything possible to assure you that no bootlegs are posted. All CD’s are direct from the bands, from their label, publisher, or are used manufactured products and will be specially marked Used.

Once again, in no cases are downloads here to be shared or copied to others. Only you, as purchaser, have the rights to use the work.

Our Major Contributors: and Concerts

Over 5000 hours of video concerts from London and NY from the years 1996 to 2004. These were recorded in venues like 12 Bar Club, CBGB, Continental Club, Irving Plaza, Acme Underground, Spiral Lounge, Bull and Gate, and many others by companies. We are proud to be able to offer them here for download and on DVD. Richard A. Siegel is the sole owner of all rights to this collection. Mr. Siegel's performance recordings offered here each have a perpetual license from the artists for all rights to that performance, in perpetuity, and in all parts of the Universe known and unknown. You can rest assured that you not only have incredibly rare concerts but they were made by professional online broadcasters with the proper license. will be bringing you concerts from bands like Cracker, the Keane band, Kawai, Tricky, Sonny George, Fine Young Cannibals and more. These cannot be found anywhere else through our exclusive contract with Mr. Siegel.

Downloading a concert from this collection gives you, as purchaser, the right to use it where you want as long as you do not infringe the copyright. No copying to others, no sharing, no posting on sites, no public performance and no commercial use of any kind.

Richard Black Music

Richard Black Music has been gathering bands since 1964 and has an incredible catalog of long lost and obscure titles in its catalog. Including bands such as the Samson (Uriah Heep), Roger Bunn, The Troggs, The Richard Black Project, and more. You can expect an expanding catalog of tunes you forgot how much you loved. This is Rock’n Roll roots.

Various Bands

Many of our selections of CDs and music come directly from the artists. They enjoy a direct market to you through Video Seconds. Some are from collectors or others who are selling their personal collections and, although used, are the original and not bootleg reproductions.

Free Downloads These tracks are for your enjoyment only. Please have your friends come and download them for free as well. They are not a license to re-distribute or to use in commercial venues in any way. Their purpose is to allow the various artists a means to allow you to taste their style and attitude. As all of the tracks are from independent artists your support is what keeps them producing.

Infringement Infringement is taken very strongly here and an abuse report page is here to make notification. Video Seconds stands by products offered here and makes its best efforts to make sure it does not facilitate any illegal activities and encourages you to help by reporting anyone you think is infringing on our abuse page.

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